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What is an Elevation Certificate (EC)?
Like the name implies an elevation certificate (EC) is a certificate
issued by a professional surveyor or civil engineer which declares the
elevation of the finished floor of a structure. It is normally used by
FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program to determine:
compliance with community floodplain regulations, set insurance rates,
and can be used to support a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

What is a LOMA?
A LOMA is a Letter of Map Amendment issued by FEMA. The LOMA
states the changes to the existing floodplain status for a specific
location or structure within a property boundary.  

Why is an EC and/or a LOMA important to you?
A combination of the two documents could possibly remove your house
out of the current floodplain status.  In doing so, you would no longer
be obligated to pay for flood insurance. Keep in mind that anyone can
obtain an EC, but not everyone is qualified for a LOMA.  Even if you
are not eligible for a LOMA, you may still be able to reduce your
premiums based on the information obtained from the EC. The end
result can be large savings to you by not paying for flood insurance or
at least reducing the premiums.

Do I qualify for a LOMA?
To qualify you will need to have a registered civil engineer or land
surveyor verify the elevations of the finished floor and adjacent
surrounding elevations of the structure. The base flood elevation
(BFE) must also be determined by FEMA's maps and/or other
approved documents. The BFE is the highest flood water level from
the 100-Year storm event. The registered professional will then
complete the document and compare the specific data to the LOMA
qualifications. If the lowest adjacent elevation grade surrounding the
structure is above the BFE then the structure will qualify.

How do I get an EC and/or LOMA?
All you have to do is call our office at (860) 442-2201 or email us at to set up an appointment or ask any
questions that you might have.  

Front Page of Letter of Elevation Certicicate.
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Elevation Certificate
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